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Yarn-Box Single , yarn box


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Jan McNeil
Yarn box

What a brilliant , yet seemingly obvious solution to the problem of β€˜yarn cake collapse’! Keeps the yarn tangle-free and supports the whole cake while you’re working! It works equally well whether the yarn is taken from the inside or the outside of the cake.

16cm diameter, round black Yarn-Box from another small business in Germany.

3D printed by an inventor, this yarn box will take your crocheting into next level making it easier and more comfortable.

No more worrying about squashed cake. It will stay nice until the end 😊

The Yarn-Box has two holes on a side, first one will fit your crochet hook and second one scissors.Β 

Will fit up to 2000m/3 ply or 1500m/4 ply cake.

Fantastic addition to your crochet corner and probably a must have 😊