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Demongelicious Cakes

Demongelicious Cakes is the 6th series in The Mysticals category 😈😇

This series is featuring lovely couples of angel/demon and is a limited collection. It contains 8 different set of two cakes that are 3 ply Ombreccino swirl* 

It's good to fall in love with yarn at first sight, right? 😁

Just like the love birds on the picture, or rather angels and demons, we have two versions here - dark and light cake.

One cake is also spun backwards but they can be spun whichever way you wish. 

They're 3 ply where 2 threads are cotton/acrylic as usual (and they're doing the ombre effect) + 1 thread of cream or black (a blend of 50% merino and 50% acrylic) that goes throughout the whole cake 😊

You can get both as a set, or buy individually 😊

They're as beautiful as love itself and each set is represented by a couple.

Love is never of one dimension.

The main theme of #demongeliciouscakes is what love can be full of. Each couple represents the difference of a single characteristic, such as passion, secrets, romance, affection, desire, devotion, intimacy and affinity.

To be successful in love means to be able to adapt, to find a consensus where both parties are satisfied, which isn't always easy.

I want you to be satisfied with this series.

I want you to find a bit of space in your heart to love few more yarn cakes 😉


They're 3 ply, 500m or 1000m. 

Suggested crochet hook/knitting needles: 2mm - 3.5mm


This yarn is considered to be no 1/super fine, 3 ply, light fingering, sock, baby weight ~490m/100g.


To wash your ready made item, soak it in a lukewarm water with very mild detergent. Lay flat on a towel (that will soak excess water) to dry. Do not wring. You may roll a towel to help get rid of excess water faster. Treat as you would treat a woollen item. Do not use hot water or tumble dry as merino may felt or shrink. 


*Ombreccino swirl is a cake that contains few threads that make an ombre effect (in this case 2 threads) and 1 thread that goes throughout the whole cake 

Desire (limited)
Od £8.00
Secrets (limited)
Od £8.00
Affinity (limited)
Od £8.00
Affection (limited)
Od £8.00
Romance (limited)
Od £8.00
Intimacy (limited)
Od £8.00
Devotion (limited)
Od £8.00
Passion (limited)
Od £8.00